それぞれの映像はカメラから取得した映像に似せるように有機的に変形する、異次元空間から切り出されたイメージであり、私たちが生きている三次元空間は、 世界の一部に過ぎないこと、別の次元空間に存在するかもしれない別の何かの存在を示唆しています。

dimage is an interactive work that makes DNN (Deep Neural Network) generate complicated images by using mathematical projection from high dimensional space to 2 dimensional output. Discrimination processing by the activation function is similar to scraping out materials called multidimensional spaces. Each image is a sculpture cut out from a different dimension space that is organically deformed to resemble the image acquired from the camera, that the three-dimensional space in which we live is only a part of the world, It suggests the existence of something else that might be in another dimension space.

The network has convolution filters which have a mathematical knife (tanh activation function after convolution). Something cuts out high dimensional space and reveals itself in front of us.

ECCV 2018 Art Workshop 採択


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